Working With The Fitness Gurus

workout1I’ve had the pleasure to work with some fitness trainers to help them grow their client base. One of the things that a lot of them have been getting into lately has been the topic of juicing. However, there has been many questions about whether juicing should ever be an option for someone who is into fitness and working out. I’d like to help clear the table on a lot of this.

First of all, if you’re working out hard, then you really should never be doing a juicing cleanse. The two just don’t go together well.

When you’re on a cleanse your body is using up a lot of energy just to keep you standing. Now if you decide to work out during this time, you’re going to have a lot of trouble. Working out while on a cleanse can actually be dangerous.

Rather then cleansing, you should supplement. This means, eat your normal good and nutritious meals and then on top of those meals, add some mixed juices. And if you’re going to juice, then make sure that you do it right. A great source for learning this is the ultimate guide to juicing on On that site you can learn about various ways to get in shape and stay healthy.

Make sure that you get the right ingredients if you’re going to juice. Choose leafy greens such as swiss chard, spinach, and kale. Also foods like kiwi, papaya, grapefruit, broccoli, and strawberries go really well when mixed into a juice.

For more in depth information on juicing and health make sure to check out

Working With A Seattle Wedding Consignment Shop

wedding dressesIn this post I’d like to talk about a recent client that we started working with. Adore Bridal Boutique is a wedding consignment store in Federal Way, Washington. They sell a variety of wedding dresses that people have consigned over to them. This is a great option for brides who are looking to buy a dress without breaking the bank.

So what exactly is wedding consignment? Wedding consignment is about getting used dresses that previous brides no longer want and selling them to new brides. If you’re a new bride this could be a lifesaver. You can end up with a gorgeous dress that would nearly cost you a fortune and only pay half the price. Clearly this is already a good business model.

Here’s what we did in working with this particular business. For one they needed to improve their website. They were getting a lot of visitors to their site, but they simply were not converting the visitors on to buying leads. In order to correct this problem, we focused on getting their book appointment link above the fold on every page that really mattered. For example, they had a buy wedding dresses page that was receiving quite a bit of traffic, but they link to book an appointment was all the way on the bottom of the page. If you are familiar with conversion optimization then you know that many readers never make it to the bottom of a page. By putting a link at the top of the page, it gives the website more opportunities to get their visitors where they want them to go.

We also made the book appointment button a bright orange color so that it stands out quite a bit when the user visits the page.

The next thing that we began working on was the optimization to get more visitors on the page. We did this by making sure the page factors such as headers and titles consisted of the Federal Way, Tacoma, and Seattle. All of these locations are near the business and by putting these words on the page it helps to get the business shown in Google and other places, which thus brings them more and more visitors.

We have already noticed a jump in traffic and on conversions for this site. It reminds us a lot of another page that has been receiving similar results.

We recently worked on a website about painting contractors in Pullman Washington. This website experienced the same growth and flow of visitors. By working on this site in the past we knew that we would be able to replicate the results on the wedding consignment site. Overall the work with this client has been a complete success.